A microcontroler that takes information coming from soil temperature & humidity sensors, averages it, and sends it out as if it was a single sensor.


Agromizer is a farm plotter that optimizes plant placement using permaculture practices, while making the best use of available space.

Preventa KFC Puerto Rico

Preventa KFC is a site we developed for client AdVice Global, who asked us to prepare a portal where people could redeem codes to access a ticket purchasing website with a hidden link and buy presale tickets for “El Apartamento de Molusco: El Concert“. The website’s was setup to withstand thousands of visitors in a […]

UtoPi: Emergency Computer

Mesh network of energy efficient miniature computers, that allows citizens and response teams to generate reports and gather information on citizens’ needs.

Video Shot Classifiers

Linear classifier allows a computer to determine which shot classification best fits the framing of a person in the picture.

Controlley – Vehicle Tracking and Telemetry

A system to improve the quality of the trolley services offered by Bayamón’s Public Transportation Office.

Imaginary Teleprompter

Professional grade, free software, easy to use teleprompter desktop program with over 800 monthly downloads.

Project Immersion

Set of After Effects scripts that enable artists to place actors from 2D footage into 3D space.