The Founding Team

Javier Cordero

CEO, QC, ML, Full Stack, Cyber Security, DevOps

Victor Ortiz

CTO, IT, IoT, Full Stack, Architect, Mapping, DevOps

Kevin Ponce

COO, IoT, Backend, Robotics, Research, Docs

Kevin, Javier and Victor on their BA graduation in Computer Science

We are

A team of Computer Science graduates with diverse backgrounds and a shared interest in improving society through the arts and sciences of computers. We develop software and hardware solutions for other companies and individuals under the name Imaginary Sense Inc. Our promise is to offer quality solutions, with security in mind and a great user experience.

  • Problem solvers
  • Web developers
  • OS tweakers
  • Hipster hackers

Fluent in

  • JavaScript (and ECMAScript derivatives)
  • Python
  • C/C++

Web Front-end Stack

  • Angular
  • VueJS
  • WordPress template and plugin development
  • Material Design
  • Bootstrap 3 and 4
  • jQuery
  • Pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Ionic Framework (iOS, Android)
  • Native iOS development


  • IoT Solutions
  • Robotics


  • Open Street Map
  • Tile servers
  • Geocoders

Back-end Stack

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Django
  • Flask


  • PostgresSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Lite
  • MonoDB
  • CouchDB


  • Qt Framework (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Cocoa Framework (Mac OS)

Machine Learning

  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV