"Teleprompter" is a professional grade, multi-platform, free software teleprompter for anyone to use.

It's built with web technologies so anyone can customize it to their needs. It may be run on a web browser or as a standalone application for additional features.

Mac running Teleprompter by Imaginary Sense

Mirror Screens

One of the most important features of any professional teleprompter software is to be able to work with any physical prompter's mirror configuration. To work with mirror setups, Teleprompter instances can be flipped horizontally, vertically or both simultaneously. The last used settings are always remembered the next time you start Teleprompter.

If using more than one screen, you can use one for monitoring and project a mirrored instance on the second one.

Ritch Text Editing

Teleprompter integrates CKEditor, a powerful Ritch Text Editor (RTE) for users to get creative. Using this or alternative RTEs, you could format text, colorize it, insert pictures, emoticons, math equations, play videos and even music from the teleprompter... The possibilities are endless!

CKEditor is highly customizable and can be extended with third party plug-ins. Alternativelly we offer partial support for TinyMCE, a lighter, nearly as extensible RTE.

Smart Screens

If having more than one screen, you could use one for monitoring and the other to project a mirrored instance. You also could write your content live while prompting and updating onto the seccond one.

Teleprompter offers "smart fullscreen". Pressing 'F11' from the editor window fullscreens CKEditor alone. Clicking on "Prompt It!" automatically fullscreens the instances you specified. Instances are assigned to screens respectivelly, depending from which screen the editor is at when launching the teleprompters.

Programable Shortcuts

Get creative with media! Jump to any part of your script using programable shortcuts. Make conditional scripts that vary according to live decissions. And restart any particular segment of your script with the push of a button.

To set your shortcuts select the line or image you intent to jump to, click on the create anchor button, type the key you want to set as shortcut and click ok. If the key isn't pre-assigned to something else, tapping that key will move your prompt to the desired location.

Custom Styles

Personalize Teleprompter to your liking. Choose from any of our prompter templates or create your own using "Custom Styles"

You can choose between pure yellow text with black background, a blackboard inspired style, a whiteboard inspired style, and our movie reference style with the name of "Intergalactic".

Web designers and programmers can customize the teleprompter-themes.css and teleprompter-themes.js files to create trully unique styles with all the possibilities CSS can offer.


One thing that distinguishes us at Imaginary Sense from other local software development companies is that we focus on developing multi-platform software. Teleprompter can run nativelly on Linux, Mac and Windows using the Electron API. It's written in the languages of the web (javascript, HTML, CSS), meaning it can also be run from any OS with a compatible web browser.

We're currently expanding our platforms to include Android devices, iPhones and iPads, among other possible devices.

Free Software

Teleprompter is shared under the General Public License, version 3. This means anyone is free to use, modify and distribute the software for any purpose permissible by law, as long as they credit us as original authors and share the source code under the same or an equivalent license.

This also means that "Teleprompter by Imaginary Sense" may be included along with any sold teleprompter devices, as long as its source code and a copy of the license are provided. Users must be able to freely to modify or replace the teleprompter software in case they want to.

Web Technologies

Teleprompter is written in the languages of the web (javascript, HTML, CSS), meaning it can also be run from web browsers. We test Teleprompter to run in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Teleprompter is also known to work in Microsoft Edge. We currently don't support neither Internet Explorer nor Opera web browsers.

The real advantage in using web technologies is not only that they can run anywhere, but that they're so popular that anyone who could customize a webpage could try customize teleprompter's code to their needs.