QPrompt, Imaginary Teleprompter’s spiritual successor

QPrompt, The Next Generation After more than a year of development, my new teleprompter software, QPrompt 1.0.0 is out with the new year. QPrompt is a new program that was designed from scratch to avoid the limiting factors across all of Imaginary Teleprompter’s variations. It has a better architecture than Imaginary Teleprompter and, more importantly, […]

Imaginary Sense’s Dissolution

Thank you for using our software, providing feedback, and being our faithful clients over the years. Imaginary Sense was dissolved on December 17, 2021. This decision was made early in 2021, but we’ve known this time would come since long before. Before closing doors, we distributed our intellectual property rights (copyrights and trademarks) across the […]

Imaginary Teleprompter 2.4 and other updates

For those new and those unaware, Imaginary Teleprompter has been undergoing a re-write for quite some time. The reason behind the re-write is we want to make it easier for us and others to add new features like voice tracking, remote control, mobile browsers support, and the ability to edit as you’re prompting. Unfortunately it […]

Early Access Portals – Imaginary Report (Aug-Sept, 2019)

A client asked us to create websites where people could redeem access codes to Daddy Yankee’s early bird concert tickets sale. We delivered.

Call for Code 2019 – Imaginary Report (July 2019)

As one of our larger client projects is nearing its final stages, we’ve been more busy than usual and the monthly update got delayed a couple days. Here’s some of what’s occurred at Imaginary Sense this month. Call for Code 2019 Over the weekend of July 5 and July 7, va2ron1, and I participated individually […]

Engine-4’s Sewer Project, Imaginary Report (June 2019)

Engine-4’s Sewers Project A few months ago the team lead behind Engine-4’s sewers project was chosen to be a part of Forward787 and he had to leave the project behind. Engine-4 then asked us if we wanted to do it and we said yes and proceeded to design new prototypes that worked on the flaws […]

Screenwriting Application Celtx Returns as a Snap

Lately I’ve been reading into the process of creating Snap packages, one of the most popular universal Linux package formats used to distribute software. While Imaginary Teleprompter has been distributed as a Snap for quite a while, not all Snap packages are built in the same way, so I set myself the goal to package […]

How I Gained Access to my Stolen E-mail Account

Learn how va2ron1 gained back access to his stolen e-mail account.

Teleprompter 3.0 classes and Simple Brightness update (May 2019)

Busy month! Here at Imaginary Sense, we’ve invested most of May working on a client project. Nevertheless, we’ve also got a brief update regarding Imaginary Teleprompter and an update about my personal pet project, Simple Brightness. Imaginary Teleprompter’s Status Starting to work on Imaginary Teleprompter’s refactoring process and having clear goals set, has allowed us […]

Imaginary Teleprompter refactoring begins, plus new micro projects: Toonsy & Simple Brightness (April, 2019)

Resumen mensual de las actividades de Imaginary Sense en Abril 2019. Se habla de Imaginaray Teleprompter y de algunos proyectos personales como Toonsey de Va2ron1 y Simple Brightness de Cuperino.