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Imaginary Sense’s Dissolution

Sunday, December 19, 2021


Thank you for using our software, providing feedback, and being our faithful clients over the years. Imaginary Sense was dissolved on December 17, 2021. This decision was made early in 2021, but we’ve known this time would come since long before.

Before closing doors, we distributed our intellectual property rights (copyrights and trademarks) across the engineers who worked on them. Ex-CEO and still project manager Javier Cordero now holds the company’s rights over Imaginary Teleprompter and the Imaginary Sense brand.

Javier has been working on a new open source teleprompter software since September 2020. QPrompt, the new program, avoids all of the architectural limitations of Imaginary Teleprompter.

In Javier’s words:

I welcome all community contributions that help Imaginary Teleprompter grow and bring it to new platforms. Imaginary Teleprompter will continue to be distributed on imaginary.tech for as long as the program can be made to run on a computer and I’m in health to maintain it.

Nevertheless, I will not be actively developing new features for Imaginary Teleprompter because QPrompt was built to achieve all of those features that proved impossible with Imaginary Teleprompter. I’ve been developing QPrompt for over a year and it has already received more attention to detail than Imaginary Teleprompter received during its lifetime.

I invite anyone who is interested in Imaginary Teleprompter, QPrompt, and overall media production to join me in improving these tools and expanding their reach for all who aspire to make higher quality media. All of this is done in the spirit of free software.

Regarding updates to Imaginary Teleprompter, we’re expecting a beta update with new features between January and February 2022. QPrompt is currently available as beta software and is expected to come out of beta this month. You can download the latest QPrompt at: https://sourceforge.net/pro…/qprompt/files/latest/download

Both QPrompt and Imaginary Teleprompter are licensed and under the GNU General Public License version 3.0.

Here’s a list of Imaginary Sense’s IPs and their new holders:

Javier O. Cordero Pérez
• Imaginary Teleprompter (company product, hackathon project, trademark)
• GH’s ICD-10 XML to YAML (script)
• Agromizer (hackathon project, trademark)
• Utopi (hackathon project, trademark)
• Education Got Hacked (website)
• Imaginary.tech (website)
• Imaginary Sense (trademark)

Victor A. Ortiz Alvarado
• Navops (company product, trademark)
• Transcendo (company product, trademark)
• NodeJS REST API (script)
• ATH Movil Payments (hackathon project)
• Pig Food Suggestions (bot)

Kevin J. Ponce García
• Controlley / TrolleySense (company product, trademark)
• redacted (company product)
• Agrowth (hackathon project, trademark)

Client software not covered by this list is copyright of their respective clients.

Once again, thank you for your loyalty and support over the years! To great software and to new endeavors! Happy holidays!

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