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Engine-4’s Sewer Project, Imaginary Report (June 2019)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Engine-4’s Sewers Project

A few months ago the team lead behind Engine-4’s sewers project was chosen to be a part of Forward787 and he had to leave the project behind. Engine-4 then asked us if we wanted to do it and we said yes and proceeded to design new prototypes that worked on the flaws of our predecessors designs.

We’ve been lucky to have Engine-4’s new intern, Nicolas Mignucci, working with us, developing some of the software and doing some heavy math work. A great thank you to Nicolas for his contributions. Your work will be put to great use!

This project’s goal is to predict sewer clogging by measuring the changes in water levels, among other factors. We’ve come up with three different prototypes. Two of which are being built. If everything goes according to plan, the project should see the public light this year and we should be able to give an official announcement date in August.

Quick Teleprompter Update

One of Imaginary Teleprompter‘s users reported to us a serious bug with the 2.x series’ saving feature. While we were partly aware of the issue, we had chosen to work solely on the 3.0 release due to our limited time to work on the project. Nevertheless, after she wrote to us we came to realize the bug impacted user experience more than we had visualized. So we’ve decided to fix these bugs and make one last Imaginary Teleprompter 2.x series release, which you will find in next month’s report.

This Month’s Articles

How I Gained Access to my Stolen E-mail Account

This is a very interesting article by @va2ron1, were he explains what he did to gain access back to an e-mail account that was stolen from him and used for spamming purposes.

One of the most important takes from this article is that if you have an e-mail address that was stolen from you and the hacker changed its recovery email address to one that ends in @viethung.website, @va2ron1 could help you get your account back.

Screenwriting Application Celtx is Back as a Snap

Early this month, I took some time to learn how to build Snap Packages, a universal software packaging and distribution format used in Linux. In this article I share my experiences bringing Celtx, a useful but discontinued free screenwriting application, back to life.

And you can install the Celtx Snap from: https://snapcraft.io/celtx

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