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About Us

Imaginary Sense is a team of software developers, located at the Engine-4 Co-working Space, Bayamón, Puerto Rico. We're web and desktop developers, who also do IoT and machine learning projects. Most of our software is cross-platform, free and open source. Our promise is to offer quality solutions, with security in mind and a great user experience.

Published Technology

Teleprompter by Imaginary Sense

A professional grade, free software, teleprompter app for anyone to use

"Teleprompter" is a professional grade, multi-platform, free software teleprompter for anyone to use.

It's built with web technologies so anyone can customize it to their needs. It may be run on a web browser or as a standalone application for additional features. Primary features include: mirroring, dual-screen support, rich text editing, image support, tablet mode, webcam mode, accelerated graphics, auto-save and remote control.

Virtual Reality Post-Production

Project Immersion and our collaboration with
Cine C.A.R.E.T.A.S. Inc.

Imaginary Sense developed a set of post-production utilities for camera precise, low-budget, Virtual Reality VFX production using Adobe After Effects. The utilities, called Project Immersion, were used to make "¡No al veneno!", a short film by Cine C.A.R.E.T.A.S. Inc..

No to Poison! is the first puertorican film to use 3D virtual sets for some of its scenes. And it achieved this on a very limited not-for-profit budget. A public release of Project Immersion is currently in development.


This is our core team.

Javier Cordero

CEO, QC, PM, Frontend, Security, DevOps

"name": "Javier O. Cordero Pérez",
"phone": "(787) 597-4290",
"email": ""

Victor Ortiz

CTO, IT, FullStack, Architect, Mapping, DevOps

"name": "Victor A. Ortiz Alvarado",
"phone": "(787) 429-2897",
"email": ""

Kevin Ponce

COO, IoT, Backend, Robotics, Research, Docs

"name": "Kevin J. Ponce García",
"phone": "(787) 610-4727",
"email": ""

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