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Agromizer is a farm plotter that optimizes plant placement using permaculture practices, while making the best use of available space. The software takes as input the land’s dimensions and a list of plants the user intends to plant and produces a map indicating which plants should go where.

Development for this project began on March 2019, when Imaginary Sense Co-founder Javier Cordero lead a team of novice programmers to participate in Cobian Media’s Agrohack hackathon. Javier plans to continue the development of Agromizer as a side project


  • Javier Cordero (lead developer, back end)
  • Arlene López (research, subject matter expert)
  • Stefano Encarnación (front end developer)


Agromizer is free software under the Apache 2.0 license.


Hackathon Pictures

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